Reacties op boek NB

Reacties derden op deel I, Noord-Beveland

Reacties van families van enkele bemanningsleden

"This is all rather overwhelming, even for me! All I can say is thank you so much, from me, my father and our family. Your book and the beautiful prints of your paintings will be treasured, and will be passed on to the next generation when the time comes." Jill O’Sullivan, niece of Thorkild Hoeg (and for John Hoeg, her father and Thoirkild's brother, who also flew in Lancaster during WW2)

"Thank you very much for your email. Firstly may I say congratulation on your book publication and I'm pleased to have been able to furnish you with content for it. I must admit it bought a tear to my eye when I read your last paragraph of the email.  I followed the links that you supplied and my wife and I watched the YouTube clip and we were able to read the content of the other two as I have a software ability to change a foreign language into English. If anybody does do a translated version in the future we would both love to read the whole book." Micael Burton (for F/L Bernard Lovett)

"Thanks for the attachments about your newly published book. I am impressed with what you sent and very honored to have my story in such a prominent place in the book. I would like a copy of the entire book as a keepsake and to share with family and friends. Thank you again and congratulations on the completion on this phase of your research."

Jom Frolking, USA (piloot P-51, 7 oktober 1944)

"Thank you so much for getting in touch with me about the publishing of your book. Congratulations on your achievement and good luck with your future ventures we are so pleased that we have valuable information on Michael albeit sad details.Thank you again. Regards, Les and Shirley, his niece."

"   Thank you very much for sending the information about your book. I do appreciate you taking the time to send me the material which although of course I can’t read Dutch I can sort of get the drift of what is being said. The only slight defect I can see is that you have a photo of the wrong ‘Waiwera’ -the ship in which Norman Bluck travelled to the UK and in which he was torpedoed. The ship you show is an earlier 'Waiwera’ and the one you write about was built I think in the late 1930’s and was the second ship having that name. It was the MV Waiwera being a motor vessel with diesel propulsion whereas the

one you show is almost certainly a steam vessel and smaller.  There was another built after the sinking as well –making at least three ships with the same name. A little confusing I know. I am delighted that the book will stand in memory of these men who gave their lives so far from their homes and I thank you again."

Best regards, Roger Strong, New-Zealand